Confessions of a Former Job Snob

Alright, it’s time to air out some dirty laundry. The gorgeous sunny weather in February is perfect for it.

What is that you ask? I just made it up and I’m going to make up the meaning as well.  I consider it to be the term for anyone who is great need of money and refuses to work low-paying jobs, retail jobs and jobs in the food service industry or someone who looks down on those types of jobs mentioned. Not sure if the term actually exists but maybe check urban dictionary.

But that sort of described me in my early-mid 20s.

As a kid, I barely worked. I worked extremely hard in school, yes. But I rarely worked outside of high school and only worked during my co-op terms in university. The only times I had a job in high school were during the breaks and part-time during my last year. My parents had it ingrained in my brain that if I worked hard in school and got into a good program in a good university, I will get that job, or at least get the job that will lead to the amazing one. I won’t ever have to work in a low-paying, minimum wage job in my adult years because I’ll have obtained a valuable degree.

So once I graduated from university, I too believed that because I had an honours degree from a prestigious university and almost 2 years of relevant work experience, I would get a great entry-level job into a big company and all would be well.

Nope. That didn’t happen.

It took me almost 6 months to get a job.  In hindsight, I could have worked a retail job, a part-time job, anything really while I applied to professional positions to help pass the time. I could have made some extra money. I could have saved some money and started investing earlier. Hindsight is always 20/20. Damnit.

But no, instead of trying to land a job right after graduation, I decided to backpack through Europe.  No regrets there. Would do it again. Kind of want to do it again, except stay in a single room in a hostel because I can’t function ( and never really could to be honest) on just four hours of sleep in a room with 7 other people.

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